Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Almost there

Our thoughts of having our tasting room opened for the All-Star Week seems to have vanished. We picked up our plan re-submittal from the city and had full approval from Planning, Structural, Plumbing and Mechanical. We did not receive approval for Electrical and Fire.
The fire corrections aren't too much to correct with most of the corrections for remarks of various approved practices noted on to the plans as well as fire extinguisher locations.
The electrical corrections, however, are much more in depth. We had to obtain Title 24 energy calculations from a certified energy analyst. Power and lighting need to separated on the plans so that they are reflected on individual plan sheets. We included our equipment cut sheets, which includes wiring diagrams, as a separate attachment to the plans. It was noted that the wiring schematics need to be incorporated onto the plans. A single line wiring diagram will be needed for utility service and panels feeding our entire suite, it needs to include voltage, ampere rating, circuiting, phasing, AIC information, total electrical load etc. Needless to say these items consume both time and money. This will all need to have an electrical engineer or contractor certified stamp onto the plans.
We are now hoping to get the plan corrections back to the city within the next week or two, with hopes that we will not have any more corrections returned to us. If this happens in a timely manner, we can begin to pull permits to get construction of our brewery and tasting room in motion. For those who have been lucky enough to taste our product (which we are currently brewing on Dale Bros Brewing's system), thank you for your support and patience. With any luck, we can have the brewery up and running by mid-August...Cheers