Monday, November 23, 2009

Difference of two Counties

We attended Green Flash's 7th Anniversary a couple of weeks ago and took a tour in the brewery. It is funny how different the counties are between San Diego and Orange. We noticed that not one of their tanks was securely bolted to the floor.

In our case, this is something that has been directed, by the city, to make sure we have an engineer. We have heard that this had been brought about by the Northridge earthquake in 1994. This is just another step that we have to complete before our plans can be approved.

We want to send a big thanks to Patrick at The Bruery for sharing some of his information regarding his process with engineering.

We decided to flip-flop our cold storage so that it opens up our tasting room a bit and makes the traffic flow to the bathrooms with more ease and keep brewing operations contained away from the public during any tasting hours. We will be utilizing one of our roll-up doors as the main entrance and exit to the brewery. We have to get approval from our landlord to take 3 of the existing parking spaces and convert them to 2 handicap spaces. Our retail and supply shop will be relocated to where the brewery office was with the office moving to the old home of the R&S shop.

Tracy recently finished brewing our second contract brew "Hopgasm IPA", it should be ready by very early December. All things considered, at least this doesn't feel like the nightmare that Eagle Rock Brewery had to go thru to get their doors open.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Permits and Licensing

Wow, this part is taking a lot longer to get rolling. Not only do the permits need to be pulled, but the need for an engineering stamp is needed as well. Though everyone at the city has been great so far, the anticipation to get started is killing us.

Tracy just brewed an IPA at Dale Brothers Brewery yesterday, which should be ready in the very early part of December. Our ABC license is in process, fingerprinting has been performed and with any luck, we will have both our 23 and 17 license in hand in a decent timeframe.

We are heading to Green Flash tomorrow for their anniversary celebration, cannot wait to taste some of the stuff we haven't had in a while.

Because of the used system that we purchased, there are a lot of pieces missing. Every stainless footing (except for 1) for the tanks and over 1/2 of the process piping is missing. Gaskets, doors, arms etc are all missing as well. These are items that will take time to either order or have custom made.

Who said this would be easy?