Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our first restaurant beer tasting

We met with the folks at Monkey House Cafe in Huntington Beach today to discuss our upcoming beer tasting night. The event will take place Wednesday, May 26th. We have had many people inquire about how and where to get our brews. This is a great opportunity to sample our brews and purchase some bottles to take with you. Once we receive more info on the event, we will be sure to post the info.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Linoleum Tiles

Ok, just a quick note regarding linoleum tiles. They are very difficult to remove from a concrete floor. Spent about 6 hours yesterday chipping, heating and scraping the tiles to get to the concrete floor. After fatigued arms and blisters on both hands, they are all almost up. The next step will be to clean the glue off of the floor (most likely an acid wash) then seal the floor in the area of the cold storage set up.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Demo day

GeoTagged, [N33.64333, E117.91672]

We spent a large part of Saturday tearing down walls, drop ceilings, lights, a/c vents and a window to make more room for our brewing operation. We still need to take up the linoleum tiles (which will not be fun). This type of demolition is not all that fun and doesn't really look all that great because of the pile of drywall, insulation, scrap metal and other items that need to be disposed of. Next up for demolition are the warehouse flooring (for our trench drain installation) and warehouse bathrooms. We need to get the bathrooms up to ADA compliance.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Gettin Dirty

Yesterday we began demolition of a portion of the warehouse to make room for our cold storage and expanded brewing area. We only had a chance to knock down one wall (and all of the suspended ceiling, lighting and A/C ducts), and still have 3 more wall remaining. Our new design moves the cold storage back a bit to account for our tasting room. This design and move requires that we get rid of our "old" brewery office. We will still maintain plenty of office space in the remainder of the building, which is where we will move the brewery office. We are going to need to install a two hour rated wall between the brewery and offices (per building code). This new design will allow for a more feasible and seamless anticipated growth. We will try to post more details as we move along.