Thursday, September 30, 2010

Let the work commence

So we had to pick the hottest week of the year to begin/continue our buildout. This week we are concentrating on making our tasting room a rated room. Basically, since our tasting room is a separate room from our brewery, the room needs to have a one hour fire rating from any production area (brewery). One of the items that needs to happen to achieve this rating is that we need to install 5/8" drywall 4 feet away from the room on the ceiling as seen in the picture.
Our plumbing needs is the first priority for our buildout because the entire brewery is cut up and waiting for concrete to be poured so we can be mobile again in the building. The biggest obstacle that we are encountering is that of our plumbing/waste line. The existing cast iron drain line is 3" with a 1/8" per foot fall (slope). A 4" drain pipe can fall at 1/8" per foot. We have been instructed that any new plumbing installed will have to meet code which would mean that if we are to install 3" pipe, we would have to have a fall of 1/4" per foot. This is virtually impossible to achieve unless we were cut up the entire parking lot and follow the 3" pipe until it connect to a 4" pipe. We have a meeting with inspectors in the morning to see if there is some feasible solution to this.
We are still on track to have our tasting room open by the end of October. Our plans are to get the tasting room open, continue to contract brew our beers at Dale Bros Brewery in Upland while we work on getting our production brewery in operation, which we hope will be by the end of this year.
We keep our fingers crossed that there will not be too many obstacles along the way.

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